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andy lopez by a sonoma county sheriff deputy has outranged the community. the rally was put together by a latino group m.e.c.h.a. >> some people heard this had been organized by occupy oakland, by answer, that they were bringing bus loads of people here and it had not been organized by them. >> reporter: members of several other citizen groups heard about the protest and did take buses from oakland and other parts of the area to come here to attend. john burres spoke to the crowd today. he's the attorney who represented the oscar grant family after oscar grant was killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer. dion smith another mother who spoke at the event, said her son died in an officer involved shooting in stockton two years ago. >> it's not just santa rosa it's a problem too because it affects all of us. as a mother, as a citizen as any community. >> reporter: some of the people who came here today said they would like the deputy involved in this officer involved shooting to face criminal charges. others said they would like a police criminal reviews board to have more oversight of the s
plans to file a lawsuit monday against the county. andy lopez was shot and killed last week as he was carrying a pellet gun that looked like an ak-47. the deputy says he ordered lopez to drop the gun and that he opened fire after lopez turned around and appeared to be raising the gun. the county has received notice of an intent to file a lawsuit. today they said any civil lawsuit would be premature. >>> video shows what some claim is mistreatment of mentally ill prisoners in california. the tapes were created by guards abiding by a state policy to record all cell extractions. they're part of a lawsuit brought by inmates who are seeking a ban on the use of pepper spray against the mentally ill. >>> the warmest day of the week and the warmest day we'll see for a while. that was today. take a look at the numbers. they were up there. 80 degrees. watch what happens tomorrow as the weather system comes in. drop of temperatures. santa rosa from 79 to 70. 72 to 63 in san francisco. it's going to be cooler. not going to be cold though. going to be a nice day tomorrow. it's just not going t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2